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Cat and Working

Online Class

Online courses are entirely self-paced which means you can do them at 2:00 am or 2:00 pm.

The courses are broken down into sections & you would receive a certificate upon completion.

If you have any questions before... after... or during the course, you can reach out to me via email :

Can it 'be' any easier to learn about cats? 

How to Read Cat Body Language (FREE)

Studies show that cats do in fact show facial expressions & give warnings but we humans are just REALLY bad at reading them... until we learn and practice. This could be your chance to decode your cat without getting scratched on the way...

Oh and this course is ENTIRELY FREE

Image by Etienne Simard

The Scoop about the Poop

This is a super fun series with Petsy, India. We talk about the crucial aspects of anything litter related. Cats are very clean creatures & the set up & maintenence of the litter box can cause stress if not done right.

Image by Manja Vitolic
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