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Cat Behaviour Webinar + How to give meds kindly

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This session covers the fundamental knowledge any new cat parent should have. Following international guidelines for cat care, we will discuss everything a cat needs to be happy and answer your questions about confusing behaviour you may experience. This is also suitable for seasoned cat parents who still have questions or if you want to make your cat's life better. This session will discuss the 5 pillars that support a healthy & happy cat according to International cat-friendly organisations that have poured years into researching the behaviour and lifestyle of your little feline. Cat care doesn't have to be confusing. Allow research & studies to guide you to the truth about your cat. A cat's well-being can be highly linked to the environment the cat lives in. This session will cover how to set up the cat's environment to meet the needs of the species & increase their welfare while you care for them. How to build routines that make life easier for everyone. We will also touch upon a highly requested section on cat husbandry (like feeding medication) as this doesn't HAVE to be a highly stressful activity. Imagine feeding a goldfish their dinner with a spoon. Sounds crazy right? As a hunter, your cat has needs that tap into that. It's important to thrive and not just exist. I believe in responsible pet keeping rather than ornamental pet keeping. Many cat parents tell me they wish they knew this information earlier on.

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