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Cat Behaviour Consultations

The place to understand your cat better

Run by Amanda Tong, Clinical Animal Behaviourist (BA, MSc)

Our pets can be misunderstood and they can misunderstand us too. A tour through the world of animal behaviour can help bridge and make your bond even stronger. I offer a range of informative & practical courses along with 1-1 consultations for pet owners. As well as consultations & collaborations for brands that would like to incorporate animal welfare and behaviour into their products.

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Know your Behaviourist

Behaviourists are sly creatures, they train YOU and your pet.

Life Coach
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Cat Feeding

Doesn't matter if you are an individual pet owner or a global brand... I'm sure I can find a way to help you.

Pro tip: Book a FREE 15 minute call if you're confused

The Blog

For those of you who still read, you can find some valuable inputs in our blog. 

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