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A Poem about the Snip Snip

Please note: This is a creative piece about the neutering/spaying of cats (Felis catus) and is not intended to offer any medical advice. It is purely for educational and entertainment purposes. If you have any questions about the process please speak to a qualified vet.

Image taken from Visit their website for more information.

If you have an indoor kitty

Please neuter! Don't contemplate

Or else he may want to leave and roam

If you don't allow that, it will irritate

This annoyance is called re-directed aggression

which can definitely escalate

To scratches, bites, bruises and swipes

Quite a havoc it would create

Here are some things you should know

After the snip snip, he may put on weight

The diet needs to change

You have to put fewer calories on his plate

Before surgery, he will spray urine as a message

*sigh* If only we could translate

But now he won't need to tell the ladies anything

Since he's not ready to mate

The roaming & escapes will reduce

because now he won't need to find a date.

The surgery is quite simple & very common

Ask many questions! Your vet is up to date

It reduces the risk of testicular cancer & disease

The health benefits are great

After the neutering, your kitty should rest

For recovery, you can use your crate

Don't allow them to chew, scratch or itch it

Use a cone/e-collar but there may be some hate

If you have more than 1 cat

post-surgery, make sure you separate

After surgery, the cat smells different

So for 48-72 hours, you must wait!

If your kitty is an indoor & outdoor lad

The need for neutering will inflate

Or else you will have a 10,000 kittens

So, you better do it before it gets too late

P.s. This applies to females too but the poem used a male as a reference for creative reasons.

Females can get pregnant as young as 4 months of age

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