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Everything you need to know about Online Kitty Kindergarten.

Updated: May 30, 2022

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Who are these classes for?

Kitty Kindergarten is a course for cat owners/potential cat owners and their kittens who should ideally be under 4.5 months of age.

Why is it important? Older cat owners wish they had this course when they had kittens...

Studies show, that kittens who are handled daily for 5 minutes from birth to 45 days old are less fearful than non-handled kittens. They would approach new toys and strangers more frequently. Socialization is such an important part of a kitten's life, that it is often overlooked. People want cats that are fun to play with and that are confident but they never expose the cat to the world at this young age.

There is a socialization window that closes after 14 weeks of age. This window allows the kitten to form positive memories of various things. If the window closes and the kitten has barely seen anything, he/she is more likely to become fearful of the world. We have extended this age bracket for our class as we can still continue to expose the kitten to several things but it just might take longer. Better late than never.

How are our Classes Unique?

I am a Certified Fear Free® Professional and my goal is to make sure that cats are able to live in happy and fear-free homes. I do this by educating and informing you about the wonderful pet you have brought into your home.

Cats are such fascinating creatures and more often than not pet owners do not realize how powerful their senses are and what a cat is actually capable of. Did you know that cats mainly communicate through smell and have 200 million sensitive sense cells in their nose as compared to the 5 million that humans have? Our Kitty Kindergarten classes teach you how to harness this when you socialize your kitten to the world as well as through fun smell related puzzles to stimulate their mind.

What do the classes cover?

The course consists of 2 classes per week which are 1 hour long. In total there are 4 classes.

Week 1 would cover the basics. Kittens/cats have certain basic requirements for good behaviour and welfare like access to a clean litter box, resting spaces, scratching, predatory behaviour and play. Even though this might seem like an extra step, it's actually very important to your cat. We teach you how to meet these needs; kitty style. Our first week would cover these requirements and teach you how to conveniently meet them (even in cost-efficient ways). We also add in special inputs about body language that can be quite confusing otherwise.

Cats are quite easygoing and would rather play with a leaf than that expensive toy you just bought them. We discuss the individual cat and appreciate his/her unique qualities. Discussions, questions and answers are a crucial part of our classes. For example; one of my clients noticed his cat putting his paw in the water bowl and drinking his water. He was puzzled about why the cat didn't just bend down and drink it. I explained that since your cat's whiskers are very sensitive, they feel uncomfortable if they brush up against something. The bowl was too small, forcing the cat to find other ways the quench his thirst. The whiskers tell the cat where he can fit and are the width of the cat's body. This is also why you should NEVER trim their whiskers. Every kitten is an individual and we celebrate that.

Week 2 will focus on common cat behaviour problems that could develop later down the line and how to prevent them. People struggle with cats that suddenly bite them, attack feet and hands, knockdown and steal food, scratch sofas and doorposts etc. Once you're able to understand where these problems originate from you would be better equipped to deal with them. We would also teach you games and puzzles to play and tips on how to train your cat. This is a special bonding exercise that is specific to this Kitty Kindergarten.

We have a special input from Dr Brijesh Raj (my favourite vet who is absolutely fantastic with cats)

Dr Brijesh Raj has been a practising companion animal veterinarian for over two decades. He is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and believes in an integrated approach to healing that includes Modern Western and Traditional Eastern medicine. Dr Brijesh and his wife Kashmira run the TaiQi Touch which teaches Taiji Quan.

He will answer questions about diet, parasites and disease. Creative ways to feed a kitten medication will be discussed as well.

All kittens who complete this course will get their graduation certificates (e-copies or printed based on location)

What are your prices?

The investment for your kitten's future would be INR 2500/- all-inclusive. This would include the 4 classes and additional information sent over in the form of relevant video and blog links for extra guidance. If we are not currently releasing a batch, you can book a private course for INR 5500/- all-inclusive. If you are Mumbai based, one session can be opted for in-person (travel charges apply)

After each class, you would get a write-up sheet with important links, book names & extra reading options.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to inquire further or book a slot please contact +91 9833318262 (Amanda). There is a 10 person/family limit to encourage discussion.


You could click here to sign up

That's how easy it is.

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