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Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Puppy Human Training

Human Training is self-explanatory as it focuses on giving the owners the knowledge required to raise a puppy into a well-behaved dog. This looks at what is normal puppy behaviour, it checks your expectations as well as informs you about the effort required to raise a dog in the city. This comes before the actual dog as it’s good to be prepared and give yourself learning time before your puppy comes to you. We believe this would be fair to you and your pup.

Human Training is in its first few stages as it’s a new development. Previous owners and fosters have faced certain issues while raising a puppy or dog and have communicated this to us. The development of the programme is our response to keep expectations and knowledge in check so that the puppy/dog does not need to suffer in an environment that does not meet the needs of the species. The well-being of our animals is the priority but so are happy owners. Getting a puppy can be overwhelming and you want it to be a pleasant experience. Studies show several benefits of getting a dog. You can check them out in the link below-

What do I need to do?

It’s quite simple. The course technically takes a week or a week and a half to complete but it is based on your speed and ability. It’s helpful to look at the information available out there and critically think about what type of lifestyle is the best for our pet.

E.g. Consider the following statement from The American Kennel Club website (

“Hey, that hurt!” You can teach your puppy this as well by making a loud, high-pitched “OW” sound if he bites you. Then, make sure to give him a treat or verbal praise for backing off.

Regardless of the advice being good or bad; does it give you further details about what to do if your puppy doesn’t back off? Could you be rewarding him for biting and then letting go as a pattern? Do I pull my hand back? Do I let him chomp on it?

As opposed to considering the following video available on Youtube by Simpawtico Dog Training; He Mentions more details about what one must do in such a situation.

What am I going to Learn?

This pre-puppy human training will give you a brief insight into the main topics you would need to know before you get a puppy as well as during the training phase. We will be covering the following-

1. The Secrets to Toilet Training.

2. Teething and Chewing- How to Survive the Land Shark

3. What is Socialization? How it can save your dog’s life.

4. Human Expectations. They can make or break you.

5. What is Separation Anxiety and how to prevent it?

6. Dog Communication

7. How do dogs learn? How dogs learn our language.

It will also include-

Preparation Checklist (shopping for your puppy)

Socialization Checklist

Additional Material

Introduction of a new puppy to a pet cat

Introduction of a new puppy to a pet

Guidance for Children & Elderly people

The above modules will be divided into sections of 3,3,2 respectively. You will be quizzed based on these sections. Additional material like blog links, appropriate YouTube links will be added at the end of the material. It will not be quizzed on but any additional material would only help.

The nature of the quiz is simple and situational to test for the application of the modules above. There is no time limit, it is open book and multiple choice questions.

Essential Reading

Dog Training Revolution – Zack George

How will I receive these materials?

There are two methods of receiving this material. Either you will be sent a Google drive link or if there is a group of people, a Facebook group would be made of the people who are currently undertaking the Pre-Puppy Human Training.

The Materials and additional links would be added here. After each section there will be a period for a group discussion or any questions will be answered before the quiz.

I would request you not to share the material being provided without consent from “The Animal Behaviour Academy” as it is intellectual property. A small nutshell of information can be more dangerous than no information at all.

What is the price?

We would be charging a INR 500/- enrollment fee to aid with the research and inquiry to help new adopters get the best experience out of owning a dog.

In addition to helping your family and the puppy, your cooperation in providing feedback would guide us with training for the future. The NGO Animal Adoption & Care strives to provide animals with physical & mental welfare. On behalf of the animals and the NGO, I would like to thank you for your assistance and devotion to this mission.

I do hope you enjoy learning about your new family member. I am available for any questions or additional guidance.

If you have already got your puppy and are undertaking this course it would be priced at INR 1500/- for non-AAC puppies and INR1100/- for puppies obtained from AAC. This would not include the test as your puppy is the test. If you have any questions I am available to speak to.

How Do I Sign Up?

Go to our Services page and "Request to Book". If you have any questions, please contact +91 9833318262 (Mumbai) or email us

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