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The Cat Behaviour Webinar Series (The first of it's kind in India)

Contact us on Instagram to register or you can use the number on the poster below.

This webinar series has been a dream of mine for a while now as I am able to reach out to so many cat owners who are looking for advice and guidance. After plenty of deliberation, Sib (a friend and cat rescuer) and I decided to put together a series of topics to help you understand your feline friend better. We have 14 sessions in total ranging from how to foster a kitten/cat to house soiling issues and multi-cat household stress. We even have a few vets guiding us about the importance of the medical aspects.

A special addition is the "How to Train your Cat Workshop" where we will teach you how cats learn. This actually has a major positive impact on your cat.

All our webinars are based on scientific studies & evidence to encourage you to think rationally and fight those mean cat stereotypes.

It is much needed and much-awaited, so I won't chat on for long. Let's get into the details.

Where does this happen?


So no matter where you are in the world you can have access to our webinar and workshop series. We will be using zoom so all you need is a strong wifi connection and a purring cat. We welcome anyone and everyone.

When will it happen?

We want to give you something to do on a Saturday so book in every Saturday from 5-6 pm IST so that you can get a little cattier. This can be your learning and growing time. It will not only benefit you but it will make life easier for your cat too.

Please note: We will be teaching you to teach your cat so we don't need your cat present during the time of the webinars.

What's so special about these webinars?

A general theme of the webinars and workshops is 'Takeaway'. Everyone loves a doggy bag or in this case a catty bag of tips and tricks that you can take home after the experience. I'm all for learning and theory but what's the point unless you can use it practically to make your life a little easier. I tried to make the sessions as interactive as possible so that you can apply this to your cat at home.

Here is the MEGA list of all that we have to offer including FREE stuff.

That's right... you heard me. We will be giving out prizes during the webinars to reward your cats (and you) for being so fantastic. So stay tuned to our social media to know more.

What's Next?

It's time to sign up and start your journey!

You can contact us on our Instagram page or on the numbers mentioned above.

Click here for the Instagram Link:

A Big Thank You to our prize sponsors:

  1. Little Big Paw India

  2. Sustainably Yours

  3. Pet Story, Mumbai

  4. Dirty Dawgs, Mumbai

  5. The Curious Cat Company

  6. Canine India

  7. Vet Biotics

and to our lovely Vets:

  1. Dr. Brijesh Raj

  2. Dr. Karishma Gupte

  3. Dr. Pranjal Nadkarni

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